Records are made to be broken. the Aerobie Pro is engineered to do it.

If you’ve ever said “Go long!”, the Aerobie Pro was designed for you. With space-age aerodynamic engineering, you can’t throw anything farther. And it’s got the World Record to prove it.


  • Spectacular flights
  • Thrilling games of catch
  • Rubber edges for soft catches
  • Proprietary aerodynamic design makes it easy to throw well
  • Large 13-inch (33 cm) diameter size
  • Recommended for ages 12 and up

Unparalleled performance World Record thrown 1,333 feet

  • How to throw
  • How to tune

How to throw

Release flat and level.

How to tune

Reverse instructions for left-handed throws.

After Extensive testing, we’ve discovered that for every game of catch there is a point when at least one person wants to see just how deep they can send it. This was the flying ring Alan Adler invented in 1984 to finally answer that question. So far, it’s done the trick. The World Record for longest throw set with an Aerobie Pro Ring, currently sits at 1,330 FT. Of course, we’ve implemented a suite of other features to make sure it’s just as fun in the park as it is in the lab.