Ultimate game changer.

This purpose-engineered, 175-gram disc is all you and your team need to take your next game of ultimate to new heights!


  • Longer distance, superior stability, and advanced aerodynamics
  • A must have for a game of ultimate
  • Performs well in windy conditions
  • 10.63-inch diameter
  • How to play the game of Ultimate

How to play the game of Ultimate

Ultimate is played with:

  • Two (2) teams of seven (7).
  • Teams score one (1) point by catching a pass in opposing end zone.
  • Players cannot move while holding the disc.
  • Turnovers mean change of possession and direction of play.
  • First to fifteen (15) points wins!
In over 30 years of engineering, we’ve figured out a lot. With our Medalist, we bring the same aerodynamic excellence of our Pro ring to the world of ultimate. Throw farther, play harder, and have more fun. Maybe you’ll win some medals along the way.